Wintrack II 380kV Transmission towers and lines for Engie Fabricom Belgium / TenneT

Wintrack responds to social and technological developments and makes it possible to make optimal use of the available space in the area. The steel Wintrack masts provide a solid and robust solution for high voltage power transmission with an eye for the environment and society. Wintracks masts are sleekly designed masts that are discreetly visible in the landscape, have a narrower magnetic field and are more flexible in use and maintenance. Wintrack is now being used for the new 380-kV connections in the Netherlands. 

Our staff was engaged in the tender for Installation of high voltage conductor lines on Wintrack HV pylons for Engie Fabricom Belgium. The systems engineering scope primary focussed on the development of a systems architecture to describe the transmission grid assets in one common language for design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance. For this tender this language was used to optimize the planning and use of equipment for the installation of the HV conductors.