Roads & Maritime Services, Delivery of the Strategic Safety Risk Register

Our staff was a key contributor to this high-profile Safety Risk Registration Workstream, the cornerstone of the RMS WHS Strategic Safety Policy 2014-2019 through the effective cooperation with RMS divisions and industry partners.

We organised context and risk workshops with the leadership of each division and represented this in a single register of causes, consequences, controls and quantitative risk assessments for 59 identified hazardous events, creating a defensible safety risk profile for the Agency and each of its eight divisions.

When I think back to the project, I think of Ruben’s ability to plan and execute an engagement strategy tailored to suit the client; I think of his dedication to delivering to the client’s satisfaction, on time, and to budget; I think of his integrity demonstrated by his persistent testing of the framework we were designing and implementing, and I think of the fine humour under pressure

Ruairi Kennedy