Offshore Wind Farm “Deutsche Bucht”

Deutsche Bucht is a 252-MW offshore wind farm in the German North Sea and consists of 31 turbines became with a capacity of 8.4MW each. Located off the island of Borkum in the German Exclusive Economic Zone, the wind farm is expected to generate around one billion kWh of electricity per year, or enough to meet the annual power consumption of nearly 300,000 German homes. 

Our staff was engaged in the delivery of the Balance-of-Plant for “Offshore Windfarm Deutsche Bucht” by Van Oord Offshore Wind. Services included Requirement Management, Project Risk Management and Integrated Project Control. In the project, a risk-based verification strategy was developed and deployed. This focused the verification effort on the most impactful requirements and contributed to derisking the project, particularly in the field of noise mitigation.